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The dishes are made with love and care
by our chef and his team.

Fresh Salad …

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  • Chicken Salad Bowl (Salat Huhn) € 11,50

    with honey melon, baked chicken and fresh pastries

  • Colourful Salad Bowl with Pork (Salat Schwein) € 11,90

    with fresh green salads and colourful vegetables, juicy grilled pork slices, herbal Butter and fresh pastries

  • Green salad (grüner Salat) € 3,50

    with yoghurt dressing

  • Colorful lettuce € 3,80

    with yoghurt dressing

  • Small colourful mixed Salad (gemischter Salat) € 3,90

    refined with different dressings

  • We serve these salads with various dressings and oven-fresh pastries or toast. All leaf salads are tastefully prepared and refined All salads freshly harvested on the table every day - in summer from local produce!

As Appetizer, we would recommend you …

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  • Carpaccio from Beef (Carpaccio) € 10,50

    with Parmesan, Olive Oil, a small Salad & Pastries fresh from the Oven

  • Smoked self-made Ham (Schinken Melone) € 8,90

    with honey-melon and butter rolls & fresh pastries

Excellent Soups …

© Landhof Simeter
  • Garlic-Cream soup (Knoblauchsuppe) € 4,80

    with fresh Croutons

  • Fine foam soup of mixed herbs (feine Schaumsuppe) € 4,80

    with roasted rye Croutons

  • Clear boiled Beef Soup (Rindsuppe) € 3,80

    with sliced pancakes, with liver-dumpling, with spleen-cuts

Grilled Dishes …

© Landhof Simeter
  • Viennese – Cutlet (Wienerschnitzel) € 15,90

    with parsley-potatoes, Lemon and colourful Salad

  • Juicy grilled Turkey (Truthahn) € 16,90

    in tarragon-sauce with butter Rice and colourful Vegetable´s

  • Cutlet of Beef with Onions (Zwiebelrostbraten) € 17,90

    in onion-sauce with baked Onions, roasted Potatoes, Bacon-Beans and Coleslaw

  • Rumpsteak (Rumpsteak) € 24,50

    with herbal-butter, baked potatoes and Vegetables 250 g

  • Mixed Grill (Grillteller) € 16,90

    from Beef, Pork and Turkey with Herbal-butter, French fries and Vegetables

  • Fillet of Pork (Schweinefilet) € 19,50

    in herbal-sauce with hash Browns fresh Vegetable and mixed Salad


Fresh selected Fish …

© Landhof Simeter
  • Filet of jack Salmon (Zander) € 17,50

    with Tomatoes and Olives in Olive Oil on colourful Vegetables & Potatoes

  • Mixed Fishes (Fischteller) € 18,50

    from selected Speciality`s with Vegetables and boiled Potatoes

Self-made Noodles …

© Landhof Simeter
  • Meat Noodles (Fleischnudeln) € 9,50

    stuffed Noodles with farmer-sauerkraut and bacon

  • Carinthian pasta (Kärntnernudeln) € 10,90

    stuffed with cheese and herbal in brown butter with green Salad

  • Potato Herbal Noodles (Erdäpfelnudeln) € 10,50

    with brown butter, crunchy bacon and Salad

  • Baked Noodle Bags (Nudelteigtaschen) € 11,50

    filled with Mediterranean vegetables and mozzarella - served with a fine tomato ragout in olive oil with Parmesan and a green salad plate
    >> A,C,G,M,O,D

Toast Variations ...

© Landhof Simeter
  • Turkey Steak Toast (Toast Truthahn) € 12,90

    crunchy toast-bread with herbal-butter, Vegetables and a colourful mixed Salad

  • Juicy roasted Beef Toast (Toast Rind) € 12,80

    crunchy toast-bread with garlic-butter, Vegetables and a grateful mixed Salad

For our Small Guests ...

© Landhof Simeter
  • Viennese Cutlet for Kids (Kinder-Wiener) € 6,80

    with French fries and a small mixed salad

  • Cream Escalope from Pork (Kinder-Rahmschnitzel) € 6,80

    Vegetable, Rice and salad

  • Turkey Cutlet (Kinder-Truthahnschnitzel) € 6,80

    in nature-sauce with French fries and small salad

  • Spaghetti for Kids (Spaghetti) € 6,50

    with Bolognese or with tomato-sauce and a small green salad

  • Fish Sticks (Fischstäbchen) € 5,00

    with Potatoes Salad and sauce Tartare

  • Grill Sausages (Grillwürstel) € 4,80

    with French fries and ketchup

  • Chicken nuggets (Chicken Hit`s) € 6,00

    chicken with Wedges and sweet-sour Sauce

  • Wedges (Wedges) € 3,50

    baked potato with sweet-sour sauce

Sweet Dishes …

© Landhof Simeter
  • Mixed Fruit Salad (Fruchtsalat) € 4,90

    with lemon-ice and cream

  • Pancake stuffed with Ice Cream (Eispalatschinken) € 6,90

    with roasted Almonds, hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream

  • Fluffy buttermilk dumplings (Buttermilchnockerl) € 6,90

    with Berries and fresh Mint

  • Mousse au Chocolat (Schokoladenmousse) € 7,80

    of colourful fruits and fruit-sauce

  • Mixed Dessert Plate (Dessertteller) € 7,90

    with a colourful fruit-composition and different sauces

  • Pear Noodles (Kletzennudeln) € 6,80

    in honey-lard with cinnamon-sugar

  • Cheese-specialties (Käseteller) € 7,50

    with Oven-fresh Pastries and Fruits

  • For a special ice cream dessert, we will be happy to offer you our ice cream menu.

© Landhof Simeter


Whether seminars, events, celebrations and large festivities – the Landhof Simeter is an ideal venue.
The excellent regional and international cuisine with products from our own production will inspire you.


Welcome and serve you and we wish you a comfortable and enjoyable stay at our house.


We only use fresh products, depending on the season from our farm, domestic farming and goods of quality.

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